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Announcement: Site Rules

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The Forum Rules

1) We'd like to keep this place a friendly and happy environment for our Spiritcharmers to hang out and post stuff about their Interest, or favorite pastime's, and goings on in their daily life.

We'd like you to help us do that by remembering that if you can't say anything nice about someone, then please don't say anything at all! Of course you can offer up your own point of view, but this must be done in a friendly respectful way to the other posters

2) This is a totally free site (we dont even clutter the place up with ads) in which no money must change hands by anybody or be expected even in the readings section.

If you want to offer a service that is paid for then please use the classified section to advertise your service so people know up front that you are offering a paid for service before they contact you.. Also please remember that this free service is for active forum members only as a reward for your activity on the site.

While we do have a reading section on the forum, and this service is free, you must have 30 posts to gain access to this.

Any new member trying to break this rule by privately messaging members pestering them for readings will be banned.

We take this stance because we dont want any member who reads for people to feel pressurized in any way.

Members who feel they are being pressurized in this way please contact me so i can take the necessary action

3) I'm afraid that spammers clutter the place up too, and we will delete all spam as soon as we see it on the boards. Sorry and all that, but y'know.... thats life...

you are allowed your own site in your siggy (at the bottom of your posts) but only after you have posted so many posts on the forum. Also please dont put links in to your posts that guide people away from here to other forums. If you feel it is relevant to a subject then please PM the member you are answering in the topic and give them the link privately.

4) It's your forum too - let us know what you'd like to see or any suggestions for improvements that you might have.
We might not take up your suggestions, but we'll always consider them.

5) That's it! Just have fun, 'cos that's what life is about.

If you cant be bothered to read all that above then this is what you must know

Q... What will get me banned.

A....not following the site rules (best go back and read the above then eh,,,)
A....Aggressive or flaming behavior
A... Not treating other members with respect...
A... pestering Members for readings in Private messages
A....Spamming this is a big NO. Any spam will be deleted ASAP and your account banned on the spot, so think on, If you are not sure if its spam then contact me for clarification but most spammers know what they are doing, and so do i.

These rules also apply to the chat, the blogs and any other section of the site...