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When You Can't Be Read For....

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Posted 19 October 2012 - 12:05 AM

When i was in my twenties..i went to see a lady(friend of a friends mum) with a friend, my friend sat with her first...and was astounded by the info and messages she received..when it was my turn, the lady had me sit with her on the sofa, she held my hands for sometime and said i was blocked, all she could see was a mirror image and advised me to see another lady named Ivy someone...can't recall her surname and and to book in with her asap as she had a long waiting list...it was months away, never got to see her,she was elderly and passed before i got to meet her. Does anyone know what this was the lady had said? what would cause this?
I also had another respected medium/clairvoyant give me her card for a half-price reading as she couldn't connect with me either, she said she was probably drained from the previous person!
I've been to many Spiritualists meetings over the years and never get messages...my firend said on one occasion that she felt bad for me as i never get anything, i told her that i wan't fussed, i was just happy to be in the environment and if a message was to happen along, that would be nice but not essentially why i went along.
She just goes along for messages..like a lot of people, aside from that they have no real interest.
3 years ago...i went to a meeting with this same friend and the clairvoyant pointed to me and said something that i couldn't take..she then said that i have a link to the Isle of Wight, which i acknowledged
then some other bits that i couldn't take, she then turned on me and said 'you don't believe in this...do you' i said that yes, i did and she said that i didn't believe in any of it!!! I couldn't believe what i heard and my friends jaw hit the floor...
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Posted 19 October 2012 - 02:12 AM

well I can give my take on this.... What many people don't realize is that spirit communication is actually a three way thing, it's got nothing to do either with if you believe in it or not if the channel isn't blocked in the three way exchange between the medium, spirit and the sitter, the sitter can still get messages through from spirit even if they think it's all hogwash
what can happen tho on a subconscious level is the sitter can be either afraid or feel the medium may pick up private things that they don't want them to know, or afraid what spirit might tell the medium that the sitter closes down the connection without realizing they are doing it.. , this can effect a reading because spirit won't delve deeper into your spiritual psych than you want them to..
The trick to getting a good reading is to genuinely not care what information comes out, or the other option is to go see a medium who you trust and feel comfortable with...

I'm the same, i can block people too, Spiritlove has tried to read me a few times and can't even connect with me, let alone read me, so somehow i am blocking her and haven't a clue why or even how...
mystical how it all works really

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