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Our Consciousness ?

consciousness believes science observations choices reality interactions the brain the mind evolution

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#1 OFFLINE   TreeSong



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Posted 16 February 2014 - 05:10 PM

Our consciousness


This might be the toughest of topics to write about but i feel it is the right moment to start writing about this.


As I was meditating a while back, i made this realization about my self... How i always seem to try and free my self from ego and distractions if events passing or having past around me. I already knew but i than realized that how the past really does make us who we are at this moment. And than the wondering question was: what would be left of me without all my life experiences? I mean, really think about it.... all you know at this point... Gone!... Your knowledge and your experiences of times past. who or what would you be?


Where is the line drawn between the truth of things.... and where does our faith and believes come into it?


A sample:


A child that grew up to believe in the reality of science. Laws have been past down through books an generations of people that have gone before them.... yet, some of his or hers classmates were raised to believe in something else. somethings about a god and angels a like... with books and stories that have been past down just the same.... How do we "understand" what is the truth? and what would we do to maintain this truth?


In the past, mankind has been doing the most horrific things to each other in order to secure there own truths...

And yet, how do we know this is a truth worth doing this for?


And when we look beyond the religious or even scientific reaches of our minds and our memories, what would be left?

Who would we individualize our selves? Do we give up one who we are?... How do we know and understand... who we .. are? what makes "us" the "us" when we let go of all experiences.of all memories gone past.


What is your perception of "The self"? Your consciousness?

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#2 OFFLINE   Saggi


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Posted 16 February 2014 - 09:09 PM

My self is the everything about me,,,


The many parts in all their glory,,,


Even the ones that can make others turn away,,,


From the moment I was born, or even conceived to be Jo in this life to now,,,


Which is another facet of what makes up the world, which is another facet of what makes up the universe,,, etc,,, etc,,,


So, on I go making more memories every day,,,


Love and hugs





#3 OFFLINE   Patries



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Posted 16 February 2014 - 10:16 PM

My perception of self will be me . If everything I experienced is gone there will only be me . Me in all <br />

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