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Witchy Lesson 1


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Posted 28 February 2014 - 11:54 AM

Hello Everyone and Welcome to the OceanSpray School of WitchCraft!


My Craft name is Ocean SilverWolf (hence the name of my school) and I am a 4th Generation Kitchen Witch and Solitary Practitioner.


My mother, grandmother and great grandmother are/were all Witches, except no-one bothered to tell me this when I was growing up!  It wasn't until I decided to follow the Path of the Craft that my Mum announced my heritage.  So although the Craft runs in my veins, and there are things I can "just do", I have practically had to teach myself.  However, a lot of Witches of today learn the Craft this way, they start off as a Solitary and move on from there. 


WitchCraft is a very fluid practice where there are no hard and fast rules (although there are 3 Golden Rules we will learn about in Lesson 3) and so you can make your Craft as individual as you are.  If I write out a spell or ritual for you to try, and something doesn't quite sit right with you, change it.  I have read many spells and rituals and "tweaked" them to add my own flavour and individual tastes.  I openly encourage you to do the same if that is what feels right to you.


In Lesson 4 we will be discussing the different types of Witch (and there are many!).  Again, what avenue of this Path you decide to follow is entirely up to you.  If you are drawn to towards the Hedge Witch way of foraging for your own food, herbs and flowers to use in your spell craft, go with it.  If you fancy a more structured path, then maybe the Gardenarian path is your cuppa and you are free follow this route.


As you will see in lesson 4, I use three labels Hereditary Witch (as in 4th Generation) Kitchen Witch (practice at home, my house is my sacred space) and Solitary Witch (I am not part of any Coven).


This really is a mix & match Path, where you should always feel comfortable with what you are doing and follow your instincts and intuition.  WitchCraft has a high respect for the individual and no-one is ever frowned upon for being "a little bit different".  Afterall, when you go into a shoe shop, you but what fits you and you feel comfy walking in, right?  WitchCraft is the same.


OK I've waffled enough - let's get started!


Blessed Be,


Ocean SilverWolf

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Posted 02 March 2014 - 08:12 PM

Love the fact you have said it's up to each individual.. And that they have the freedom to choose which way to go and what they may want to tweak.. Makes it more free spirited :-)

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