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Witchy Lesson 8 - Grounding

grounding yourself

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Posted 29 April 2014 - 11:22 AM

Whilst doing spiritual work and WitchCraft it is important to keep yourself "grounded".


An ungrounded person will often display signs of being "spaced-out" and the term "away with the faeries" also applies.


You can easily get caught up in the Craft and spiritual experiences to the point where you start to see Guided Significance in just about everything you see, do and hear during the day.  For instance, a feather landing on your windscreen when you are driving could be a sign from the Angelic Realm, or it could simply be that a bird flew into the windscreen of the car in front of you and there are now feathers flying everywhere!


Additionally, being grounded helps you maintain a healthy balance of energy as any negative energy can flow freely from you into Mother Earth where it will be safely dissipated.



Grounding Process


Stand (ideally barefoot or just with socks) with your legs slightly apart / inline with your shoulders, so that you remain balanced and don't fall over.  Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths to relax.


Visualise roots growing down into Mother Earth from your ankles, through the soles of your feet.  These roots are strong and as they grow down through the Earth you feel secure and held fast.  See Image 1 for reference


Alternatively you can sit in a chair, provided you can have your feet firmly planted flat on the ground / floor and also visualise roots coming down from your Root Chakra.  See Image 2 for reference


Another lovely visualisation is to actually sit under a tree, and visualise your Root Chakra connecting with the roots of the tree, and your Crown Chakra reaching up and connecting with the branches of the tree above you.  See Image 3 for reference


(Choose whichever visualisation / position is most comfortable and practical for you.  You don't have to rush out in your lunch break and find the nearest tree if just kicking off your shoes and sitting upright in your office chair is easier for you.)


Now as your roots grow deeper, visualise a large crystal lying below the Earth.  This can be any crystal you feel drawn to when you connect your roots i.e. black tourmaline, obsidian, snowflake obsidian or hematite for protection against negativity and energy vampires, rose quartz for love and harmony, clear quartz for an all round general purpose crystal and for clearer perspectives on life, moonstone or carnelian for "ladies problems", moonstone is also for for safe travel, carnelian also for joy and creativity......the possibilities are endless.


Now entwine your roots around the crystal so you are effectively "holding it" with your roots.  Feel its energetic properties flowing back up your roots, and energising your chakras whilst any negativity is flowing down, and being flushed out through your feet / Root Chakra, into Mother Earth for her to take away and dissolve naturally.


The roots of Mother Earth herself now reach toward you, She is entwining her roots with yours, holding you to her, keeping you safe whilst she takes away any negativity that no longer serves you.


A bright white light is above your head.  This white light flows down from the Universe, through the top of your head, down your entire body, out through your feet and your roots.  It is like a waterfall of crystal clear white light flowing over you and through you, like the ultimate power shower.


Now your roots too start to glow with this pure white light and radiates through the crystal of your choice and into the roots of Mother Earth too.


You are grounded and connected to Mother Earth, being washed clean by the divine Universal Energy from above.


When you are ready, thank Mother Earth for your connection with her and the special crystal she provided for you.  See your roots, now pulsing with white light, gradually dissolving, like someone scattering silver glitter until your roots have been fully retracted and you are back to just standing on the Earth once more / sitting with your feet planted on the ground.


Take some deep breaths and slowly come back to the present moment.



This technique is just one of many, and like all things with the Craft it is by no means a "one size fits all" concept.   This visualisation can be used alongside  the Ritual of Self Protection (covered in the next lesson) so you effectively "Ground and Protect" or it can be used on its own.


Blessed Be


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