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Another Really Weird Dream

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Posted 10 January 2015 - 04:02 PM

Hi everyone :).

Had another really weird dream last night. Well, two actually.

The first one I can only really remember the tail end of it where I met a Heron. The house I was at was a large, old one and I was outside at night clapping this large Heron. I was really just sitting on picnic bench in the garden cuddling and stroking this lovely heron, who I was so tame and loving; it was cuddling into me as I stroked it :). Could I have a Heron as a totem or spirit guide?

In the second dream, I was in this place this school or university (some kind of educational place anyway) where I met two of my best friends from university. When I was talking to one of my friends, she was telling me about a new job she had where she was doing something to do with coding (As in computer programming). So I then called the place she mentioned there and then and spoke to someone about a job position. The man asked out my experience with coding and I told him that I only really had a little experience with HTML, Javascript and CSS. He did say about my inexperience but I said that I was more than willing to learn. I don't know how the call ended but I had the distinct impression that there wasn't a rejection and that there was some consideration on his part.

Anyway, after that, I had a music class which was more an introductory session? The teacher was actually one of my old lecturers from university that teaches pharmacology in real life lol. Later on in the day I returned to the classroom following my timetable but was told that today the class wasn't on at that time and we had it in the morning instead.

Anyway, after the music class. My dream jumped to a scene in the girls changing rooms where the girls made small, snide comments at me. I told my other friend that this was nothing compared into what I got in secondary, she seemed shocked/surprised at this.

She then takes me to a room with a bed and a large comfortable, leather chair, like a therapy room. My friend sat on the chair and told me to lie on the bed. I then noticed a couple of light streaks of old, dried blood on the wall. My friend then oddly said that not to worry and that it was just some over-spillage. So I put it aside followed her instruction to you into a state of mind. It was then that I saw this scene where I was at this river where lots of large turtles were swimming down it. There were lots of people with large fishing nets catching the poor turtles as they flowed down :(. I don't know if they were actually killing them but I felt really sad and angry when I saw this and wanted to help the poor turtles.

Anyway, that's where my dream ended. I wonder if anyone wants to try and interpret this one?

Thanks :)

Edit: Oh! My God, I think this tablet has a life of it's own as far as typos go; 'curling' a Heron and being 'unwilling to learn' indeed lol!


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Posted 10 January 2015 - 09:48 PM

here's a snippet of Heron coming to you in dreams.

To see a heron in your dream represents self-reliance, stability, tactfulness and careful forethought. You will achieve much success through your efforts. Alternatively, dreaming of a heron signifies your ability to explore and delve into your subconscious.


and a little of the turtle :-Turtle can also be a signal that you need to ground yourself and your energy to Earth.

“Few are those who see with their own eyes and feel with their own hearts.” Albert Einstein

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