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Three Dreams I've Had


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#1 OFFLINE   OcarinaJourney


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Posted 06 February 2015 - 05:11 PM

Hi everyone :)


I'm just writing down three dreams that I've had over the past week. I haven't been writing them down, mostly because I may have been a little on the lazy side lol


Anyway, dream one was quite bizarre lol. I had this dream maybe three nights ago. This dream actually started off with a scene from Dragonheart, which is one of my favourite movies about a Dragon called Draco, who was voiced by Sean Connery :). Anyway, it was a look at the final scene where Draco dies but it was depicted as a bizarre, almost, lighthearted humorous claymation/Lego-style interpretation. In fact, I had a strong feeling that Draco didn't actually die in this interpretation due to the child-like feeling to it all. Weird. Anyway, my dream then jumped to me flying to school lol. Here it was as if I was rollerblading on air. However, as I was air-rollerblading overhead, I found was only going at the same speed as all the other kids walking to school below and was being largely ignored. I was then just about to fly of the side of the bridge building for a shortcut (Not jump off), I woke up lol... Would have been interesting to see what happened next.


My second dream, which I had a couple of nights ago was quite harrowing. It started off quite nicely with me and mum at a shopping center uptown. As my Mum went into a shop by herself, I was then helping a man fill out a survey or form... something of that nature. I decided to do this now to save my Mum having to it. However, when my Mum came back, she was angry with me and said something like 'Could you not have waited?'. I then met one of my friends who came out of shop nearby who happily greeted me. My Dream then jumped to me trying to keep up with my mum as we walked down the main street passing crowds of people (I assumed she was walking ahead because she was still angry/annoyed). At some point, I got lost in the crowd and I then became somewhere between Human and Dragon (I was royal blue coloured) and flew overhead. As I flew, there was a line of people on the road lifting up sections of pavement. When I landed, I was met with a dead, middle-aged/old, dark-skinned man lying on the gutter and people were looking at me disapprovingly because of my appearance (They knew the murder thing was not me). I then noticed another dead person underneath the pavement that a person was lifting up; my focus was on a pool of blood coming from there. As I said it was "no use" after feeling for a pulse, the person then pulled the dead man out with a free hand and I kneeled and said "How can someone do this..?". I was really shocked and angry at what I came across. My dream then ended there and I woke up.


My third dream from last night was a much happier dream :). Here it was depicting me winning £100,000 from the lottery and though I was indeed happy I was very humble about it. I didn't make a song or dance about it and acted calmly. Can't remember too much of this one but certainly the part of me winning the lottery :)!


Anyway, so these are my dreams to date. Anyone interested in interpretting them at all :)?


#2 OFFLINE   Spiritlove


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Posted 07 February 2015 - 09:21 PM

Im still trying to work these dreams out for you but what keeps coming to mind everytime i read them is the flying about in them, like rising above things and letting your spirit soar to new heights which i feel is happening with the good news you have had recently.

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#3 OFFLINE   OcarinaJourney


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Posted 07 February 2015 - 10:23 PM

Thanks Spiritlove :). I don't blame you, these were tough dreams to interpret lol. I think you maybe right about the rising above thing with the flying. Something I should add is that in the first dream, when I was flying over the school kids, I felt like I thought I could get to school quicker that way but I found that I wasn't any quicker. I also felt like the others were uninterested and just ignored me. That was where I decided to fly over the bridge to a shortcut. 


Maybe that could mean that I felt that I wasn't as good as I thought I was or me feeling unappreciated in real life but I can and will overcome this or something? 


#4 OFFLINE   Arbel


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Posted 08 February 2015 - 10:08 AM

The third dream I do not have a clue but the other two dreams are spiritual; you are being called by the higher powers and the dragon is confirmation of you flying on a different level as you will have thrown off the human form. Of course there is always a catch in the spiritual as your second dream is about what is happening in the world when you were shown dead people.  That dream is saying you have work to do helping mankind as you are on a higher level and you will not be alone when that time comes  

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