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Mother Earth


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Posted 03 July 2017 - 07:18 AM

                                                                 Mother Earth


This planet we live on is called earth and it has been in existence for untold millions of years; it has been taken for granted since the beginning that the earth will always be here.  Looking back we regard the earth as our home just like we regard the house we live in as home.

In our own personal home the majority keep their homes tidy, well decorated and do any repairs that are needed; it is a place where we can shut the doors to the outside world and relax.

How many have given a thought to the planet earth that we also call home, for many the answer is apparently no we have not.  Look around this planet and see the complete and total mess that mankind have made to planet earth.

It has not happened over night as that was not possible to do; it is an accumulation of millions of years of total neglect that has caused a very major problem indeed.  Rainforests have been ripped out of the earth and never replaced; great holes and mineshafts have been made below the surface of the earth and then left empty.  Our oceans and rivers have been polluted by the dumping of waste into them; on top of that there have been wars where we have dropped bombs on to the surface plane of the earth creating large craters in the earth crust.

Not satisfied with all of that we took it a lot further as we became more advanced and we became aware of high technology we created weapons like nuclear bombs and weapons of mass destructions to bombard the earth plane.

What was the end result of this accumulation of millions of years abuse; look around this planet and into every corner of it and the end result is plain to see.  Abnormal weather conditions, floods landslides, volcanoes, famine, a hole in the ozone layer, icecaps melting, drought, tremendous heat and there is really no more point in going on with what is happening.          

What no one has realized is that this plant earth is a living entity and mankind has been killing her all these years bit by bit, because this planet earth is a living entity and she is also capable of feeling tremendous pain but do we care, the answer to that question is no we do not. 

Governments and people are now starting to become aware that this planet is now in a very serious situation but it does not matter what they try to do it is now far too late to reverse the situation.  Mother Earth is in so much pain that she has had to retaliate in the only way that is possible for her by creating earthquakes and so on like what was describe earlier.

The very heart of Mother Earth is bleeding for what has been done to her and she cannot go on much longer with what mankind is doing to her.  If someone did those sort of things with damage to our homes then we would do something about it and we would leave no stone unturned until we put a stop to it all.

Because the planet earth has always been here we expect it always will be but at the rate and speed of what is now happen will that always be the case.  With that being the case also it is looking very much like the earth could very well become barren and no longer able to support mankind with all its needs.

No one believes that will ever happen or at least not in their lifetime but yet the process of that has been happening for years only very few have noticed that fact.

Granted in might not happen in our lifetime but have we stopped and thought about what happens in our children’s lifetimes and their children’s lifetime.  Is this the kind of legacy we intend to leave our children and grandchildren a planet devoid of everything including the basic necessities of life.  Are children to be born to just die of starvation and dehydration with nothing more than that.    

Is the human race to become extinct because of what we have done to Mother Earth because there is a great possibility that could now come about with what we have done to this planet.  Who are we going to blame when it does come about as many will say it has nothing to do with me as it is the problem of others.   The typical attitude that is far too common in this world is let others worry about it and not I, the problem with that is that what is now happening in this world affects each and everyone of us.

Like what was stated before governments are becoming aware of what is happening but for the most part politicians just slap taxes on those who can ill afford to pay them while these politicians are just feathering their own little nests.  

Wake up mankind from the illusion and see the reality of how we are truly living on a plant that is crying out for help and is yet totally ignored in all respects.  There is no one to pass the buck to now as we have done all of this ourselves.   Where does all this lead us; that is a question that might never be answered or then again it might be answered but in a way that very few would expect







It has happened in the year 2016 so God help all





















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Posted 11 July 2017 - 11:43 AM

Great post, well written and I can't disagree with anything you've said, Arbel. 


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